Business coaching

Most people want to take their business to the next level. The problem is that you feel stuck in your business. Perhaps you feel that the more time you spend to get more business, the less you have to show for it. You simply seem to constantly ran out of time or money or both. You know there must be a better way to do business that gives you more time and money freedom.


Strategic Innovation

Having an innovative product is never enough. We have seen many awesome products fail, and bad ones succeed. A product cannot succeed without an innovative strategy and business model.


Business Systems Automation

Too many businesses buy into the wrong systems and then need to spend a lot of money on a new system to find that it is the wrong system again. Let me help you find a system that is aligned to your vision.


Digital Selling Coaching

Many businesses struggle to get sales online. Spending a lot of money on social media and advertising, and not seeing the results. Let me look into that for you and lets find an innovative online sales strategy that works.


Entrepreneurial Acumen

An outside perspective on how you run your business and solve problems can save you future lost time and money. Many successful business owners have a sounding board.

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Quick Facts

Strategic Innovation

I specialize in innovative strategy and business model design, drawing from nearly 60 innovative and disruptive business model and helping you find a fit for your business and capabilities.

Rapid Business Model Testing

I help you to find out within one week to a maximum 90 days whether your business idea will fly or not. If it will work, we need to know in less than 90 days if it is a long term viable idea that can be scaled so that you can experience freedom to work on your business.

Digital Sales Strategy

As part of my strategic coaching I help you with advice and implementation of the right technology to put your sales processes in autopilot and online.

Financial Modeling and Simulation

When you start out in business, almost all ideas work, but then you get stuck somewhere in future, and wish you never started that business. As part of my strategic coaching I help you to perform a unique and fast financial modeling process for your business to find out what you need to address now before you spend your life building your business on the wrong business model.

Business Scalability

Get a free business scalability assessment now.