Hi, I’m Leon

I am an entrepreneur and new venture creation specialist. What this means is that I can help new and existing businesses with designing their innovative business models that can be scaled. I have extensive experience with startups since 2007. I apply an extra lean startup methodology, that are based on the 3 Dimensional Seven Level Business Development Blueprint which I call the Entrepreneurial Leadership Levels and Associated Complexity (ELLAC) model.

The approach I follow with all my consulting, facilitation and coaching is to help my client understand the duplicating and scaling effects of decisions made today. The lack of thinking at scale is the main reason why entrepreneurs are struggling in their business.

Make sure you book a strategy session with me, to see how I can help you to design a business that runs on autopilot, while you pursue the next exciting interest.


I have a good mix of skills that includes understanding technology, people, business, economics and politics. I use this combination to guide my clients through challenging economic situations. Recently I had to assist my clients to steer their businesses through the severe challenges that were caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

  • Pivot your business into the digital world.
  • Innovate a new business model that are scalable and perhaps disruptive in your industry.
  • Evaluate the right technologies for your business and its future.
  • Build automated sales processes and develop distribution channels for small businesses.



Business Models






Life coaching (I am not a life coach)